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Analytical Laboratories In Anaheim, Inc

Analytical Laboratories In Anaheim, Inc., is a FDA registered independent testing laboratory providing expert chemical analyses for vitamins, botanicals, nutritional supplements and cosmetics products.

Our mission statement is: To become a trusted partner in the business of our clients around the world by providing quality analytical testing, friendly client service and value-added consulting related to data interpretation.

At Analytical Laboratories In Anaheim, Inc.:

  1. All analytical procedures are fully documented for your on-site audit and GMP compliance need. We use regulatory and widely accepted industry methods such as USP, AOAC, AHP, AOCS, INA and ASTA methods whenever such methods exist. Our in-house validated analytical methods and Statistical Quality Controlled (SQC) laboratory performance will deliver consistent and reliable lab reports on your samples.
  2. Our client service team has created the most detailed sample and report tracking system to assure prompt communication to our clients on lab results and to maintain tracebility on samples and reports. Client inquiries on their samples will be either answered on the spot or within the next business day. This is our guarantee to you.
  3. Our desire to become a partner in the success of your business will make your testing dollars go a long way. You will not just receive a one-page report for each of your sample. We will track normal /abnormal sample trends for the history of your products. We will discuss and provide our opinion whenever there is a need. Our high quality lab performance plus strict record/document-keeping system will help you to defend your product through the toughest scrutiny.

In addition, Analytical Laboratories In Anaheim, Inc. offers the following services:

  • Contract Method Development/Validation - Our chemists have diversified method development/validation experiences in botanical, nutriceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food safety fields. Our wide range of high quality testing methods in this service list is a direct result of our combined knowledge and experience in analytical services for many years.
  • New Product Development Consultation - We can help you to trouble shoot your formulation problems, compare to national-brand, improve extraction process and identify/recommend suitable marker claims to enhance marketability of your products.
  • Stability Monitoring - The stability data on your raw materials and packaged finished products can be generated at Analytical Laboratories In Anaheim, Inc.. Our stability protocol is designed based on the ICH guidelines that will give you the accelerated 3 month data for quick marketing need and then continue on with the 2-year room temperature stability data to defend your expiration dating claim.

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